Toasted Braai Grilled Sandwiches

Toasted Braai Grilled Sandwiches that are irresistible. Best part of a South African braai are these cheese and tomato and onion, braai or grill toasted sandwiches.


Bread slices

Butter (for spreading on bread slices)

Tomato sliced

Onion sliced

Cheese of choice sliced

Mrs balls chutney (or any other )

The amount of ingredients depend on how many you want to make.


While you are busy grilling your meats on the braai or barbecue. Make up these sandwiches for last.

Take the bread slices and spread the butter on one side.(the outside of the sandwich for grilling)

Then add the tomato slices and some onion rings. On the non buttered side of the bread.

Add the slices of cheese and spread the chutney on the unbuttered bread slices as well.

Close the two pieces of bread together, buttered side on the outside of the sandwich. (for grilling)

You may bind the sandwiches with some string to prevent the ingredients falling out.

This is a very full braai sandwich, if you want to rather do a normal tomato and onion one that’s good.

Grill these sandwiches on cooler coals after the meat has been done. Grill until slightly brown and turn over to do the other side.

Plate up and cut in half. enjoy.



a plain tomato and onion sandwich grilled is just as scrumptious.

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