Homemade Garlic Braai Loaf

This special bread loaf is an amazing tasty addition for any braai or barbecue or grill. Added Parmesan cheese for richness.


3 Special bread loaves


250g Melted butter

100g parmesan cheese grated

6 Garlic cloves or plenty flakes

Salt and pepper

dried or chopped, Parsley or basil 


Cut slits half way through the loaves about one to one and half inch apart. For the length of the loaf.

Mix the melted butter with your garlic (if cloves chop finely) and other spices.

Serving with loaves pulled apart. 

Finally add the grated parmesan cheese to the butter mix.

Fill the slits in the loaves with the garlic butter spices and cheese mix generously.

Add some butter mix or just cheese grated on the top of the loaf.

Cover with foil totally and place on the grill to braai or BBQ, at the end of the braai.

Grill till tasted and butter is melted.

This garlic braai loaf may also be done in the oven or grilled openly in your oven.

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