Boerewors  Mac n Cheese Casserole Recipe

A Family  meal

Bake this Boerewors Mac n Cheese Casserole for a meal. A South African recipe that includes left over boerewors with tomato and garlic.

INGREDIENTS 1. macaroni italian pasta 2. salt and pepper, garlic 3. Italian seasoning 5. mozerrella and cheddar     cheese 6. Roma tomato 7. boerewors (bratwurst) 8. milk, egg


Boil the macaroni pasta in water with salt for about 6 minutes. Grate the cheese and slice the tomato and boerewors.

Mix the egg and milk with salt and pepper. Obtain the garlic flakes and Italian seasoning. Make a mix of tomato salsa or use a tin of tomato and onion paste.

Layer the pasta on the bottom of the casserole dish. Sprinkle generously some garlic flakes over the warm pasta and smear or mix some tomato salsa with the pasta.

Then add some grated cheese over this mixture. Layer the sliced boerewors evenly over the cheese.

Add pasta, the rest of the tomato salsa, cheeses.  Place sliced boerewors and tomato on top.

Pour evenly over the whole top of dish of ingredients the egg and milk mixture. 

Sprinkle Italian seasoning over all the top of the ingredients. Now its ready to bake.

NOTE the liquid of egg milk mixture before baking at the side bottom of the dish. 👇

Bake in the preheated oven of 180 Deg. C for about 25 minutes until brown and cooked.

Take note of the cooked filling on the side of the dish. No more liquid, then its done.👇

Serve for lunch or dinner for a family of 4, with avocado or salads of choice.

Serve for lunch or dinner for a family of 4, with avocado or salads of choice.