How to Make Cheese Platter Appetizers

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How to make Cheese Platter Appetizers. During the holiday season this board of cheeses and biscuits with fruits and wine is easily made.

  • Author: FillMyRecipeBook
  • Prep Time: 30 min
  • Total Time: 30 min


Hard cheese.  Parmesan, Manchego, or any other variety.

Soft cheese.  A Brie or a spreadable cheese. (with a knife)

Two more with unique flavors. Try a smoked cheese, a bleu cheese, or a fragrant cheese with honey or lavender.

Water crackers with sharp cheddar.

Pair hearty whole-wheat crackers with smoked cheese for a heavier bite.

Sweet Fruit, grapes or strawberrie.

Chocolates.  Sour Candy.

Salty Pistachios or Cashews.

Wines. Crisp white wine or a light red wine. To suite your pallet and cheeses supplied.


When obtaining your cheese plate cheeses make sure you are pleasing various tastes for all different people. As well as some different types of crackers.

Slice cheeses thinly to place on crackers. Maybe some can be cut into squares for tasting.

Place different crackers between different cheeses or the ones that go together. (as per Taste)

The sweet fruits are placed between the cheeses and crackers or in a bowl.

Sweet chocolates that are broken up in bite pieces can be placed around the board or in bowls as well. Don’t forget the sour candy for different peoples taste pallet.

Make sure the different crackers and snacks are place evenly and all around the board for people to obtain them easily. The knife must be by the cream cheese spread. 

Plates and serviettes must be very accessible. 

Wines to use could be a crisp white wine or a light red wine. Firmed and aged cheeses like Gouda and Havarti need brown ale or a slightly sweeter wine. It all depends what snacks are provided.